Vaccinating your rabbit

Protecting your rabbit against myxomatosis and harmorrhagic viral disease

About the diseases

The myxomatosis virus is spread from wild rabbits by fleas, flies and mosquitoes. Cats who have been hunting may come into your garden and carry wild rabbit fleas to your rabbit in its hutch. Affected rabbits develop puffy swellings around the head, face and genitals, fail to eat and develop pneumonia. It is invariably fatal.

Haemorrhagic viral disease is spread by contact and by birds. It originated in China in 1982 and has since spread to Europe and the UK. Affected rabbits are often found dead as it is a very acute disease causing haemorrhage internally.

When to vaccinate

There is now a new vaccine that protects your rabbit against both of these fatal diseases. The vaccine can be given to rabbits as young as 10 weeks old. Protection now lasts a full year so now an annual vaccination is required, much improved on the twice yearly myxomatosis vaccine we previously used.

For a limited period only, whilst the single component myxomatosis vaccine is available, we can still offer this 6 month vaccine if you only require this for any reason.