Fireworks and your pets

Does your dog whimper when the bangs start? Does your cat appear fearful?
This is not just fear, this a noise phobia. It is very important to recognise this for what it is. The problem continually worsens with time but and can be treated in a number of ways.
We can tailor the treatment to your dog or cat, not just sedate them!
Most treatments are best started well in advance of fireworks night.
Just call in at the surgery as many products can be supplied at the reception.
–  Anti-anxiety drugs
These are very useful, as they do not sedate your dog and can be given over a number of days. They can be used along with behavioural modification. This class of medication is by prescription. We will need to have seen your dog recently and discuss it with you to determine if these would be of benefit.
–  Natural calming products
A safe, new product called Zylkene has been used in both cats and dogs. It is derived from a milk protein and has no known side effects. Simply sprinkle the capsule on your pet’s food. This works well for any stressful times such as fireworks and kennelling. Just call in at the surgery to discuss this us and we can supply it if appropraite.
Scullcap & Valerian herbal remedy is also available for pets.
 –   Natural pheromone therapy
Known as dog appeasing pheromone (Adaptil). Simply plug it in like an air freshener to help calm your dog. A similar product, Feliway can be used for stressed cats.
–  Behavioural training
Ensure your pet has somewhere to go if he or she is frightened. A den or refuge gives security.
–  Behavioural modification- desensitise your dog to the noise.
This can be achieved by repeatedly playing a recording of fireworks or thunder, initially at very low volumes, along with special training. Best results are achieved if used along side Adaptil or Zylkene
 It is best to treat the phobia rather than sedate them but we can still supply the yellow  sedative tablets if required.
 We would like to have the opportunity to give you more detailed advice on preparation for the fireworks season.

Please ask for advice on what is best for your pet.