Why should I have my dog neutered (castrated)?

There are several reasons.

1. To prevent him fathering unwanted puppies. 2. Prevents him running off after bitches on heat. 3. Prevents CERTAIN types of aggressive behaviour. 4. Stops dogs being over-sexed. 5. Helps prevent prostate gland disease. 6. Helps prevent certain hernias and anal tumours in later life if castrated when young. 7. If your dog has one or more retained testicles, castration is essential to prevent the greatly increased chance of testicular tumours in later life.

Are there any disadvantages? As with all general anaesthetics there is always a slight risk but this is minimal in younger animals.

Any other points to consider? Most dogs require less food after castration. It is therefore important to reduce their food intake by as much as a quarter soon after the operation, to prevent weight gain.

When should he be castrated? At any age after nine months.

Will he take a long time to recover after the operation? Not normally. He will usually be sent home on the day of the operation. You can expect him to be subdued for the first few days after the operation. The stitches will be removed 10-12 days later. Restricted exercise during this time is essential.

What will it cost? Current prices are available from the surgery.