Why should I have my bitch speyed?

There are many reasons why it is advisable to have your bitch speyed (dressed).

  • To prevent the birth of unwanted puppies.
  • To prevent the nuisance of a bitch on heat attracting male dogs.
  • It stops the problem of a discharge every time she comes on heat.
  • Prevents womb infections (pyometra) – which is common in older unspeyed bitches.
  • If speyed before 18 months old, this greatly reduces the chance of developing mammary tumours (breast cancer) in later life. These are also very common in older animals.
  • Prevents false pregnancies with the associated problems of milk production, mothering toys and nest making.

Are there any disadvantages of the operation? There are several points to be considered.

1. As with all general anaesthetics there is always a slight risk but this is minimal in young healthy bitches. 2. There is a slightly greater risk incidence of urinary incontinence in speyed bitches, but this can usually be controlled by treatment.

Won’t she put on weight? NO – so long as you are aware that speying reduces their need for food. You must cut down their food intake by as much as ONE THIRD, soon after the operation.

Should she have a litter before being speyed? No – this is not necessary. It will not alter her temperament if she does or does not have pups.

So when should she be speyed? We can spey her before she has ever come into season at 6 months old. Alternatively she can be dressed three months after finishing her season.

Will she take a long time to recover after the operation? Not normally. She will usually be sent home on the day of the operation. You can expect her to be subdued for the first few days after the operation. The stitches will be removed 10-12 days later. Restricted exercise during this time is essential.

What will it all cost? Current prices are available from the surgery