Vaccinating your Dog

We advise all dogs are protected by vaccination against the following major contagious diseases:

  • Distemper (Hardpad)
  • Parvovirus
  • Leptospirosis–four types
  • Infectious canine hepatitis

The primary course of vaccination involves two or three injections. They can be started from six weeks of age, with the final injection of the course being given at a minimum age of ten weeks and four weeks after the first.

Your dog should be fully protected three weeks after the last injection. It is important to keep your puppy in your house or garden until protected but we will advise on a managed socialisation program for your puppy.

It is essential a booster vaccination is given every 12 months to maintain your dog’s immunity to these diseases.


This is available against:

Kennel cough Vaccination is of great help in reducing the incidence of this disease and is given by nasal drops. It is best given a few weeks prior to periods of high risk. e.g. boarding or every spring. The vaccine lasts for 12 months.

Rabies We can vaccinate your pet against rabies. This is required if you wish to take your pet abroad using the PET travel scheme.