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For advice or appointments in any surgery phone 01875 613593, or phone the required surgery directly.

Dunedin Veterinary Centre
16 Haddington Road

Tel 01875 613593
(24 hour emergency service information)

Reception open: Mon-Fri 8.30am-6.30 pm Saturday 10.30 am -12.00pm

Consultations by appointment throughout the day

Dunedin Veterinary Centre
4 High Street

Tel 01368 860001

Open Monday to Friday 9.00-6.00 pm (Consultations available by appointment 9.00-10.00 am and 3.30-6.00pm) Saturday 10.30 am -12.00

Dunedin Veterinary Centre
31 Quality Street
North Berwick

Tel 01620 894140

Mon 10.15-12.00am*, 2.00-3.30 pm Tues 10.15-12.00am* Wed 10.15-12.00am* Thu 10.15-12.00am* Fri 10.15-12.00am*, 2.00-3.30 pm Saturday 9.00-10.00am

*Consultations available by appointment 11.00am-12.00 and during other times stated

Dunedin Veterinary Centre
151 High Street

Tel 01875 813546

Mon – Fri 98.45-9.30am, 4.00-6.30pm Saturday 9.00-10.00am

All consultations by appointment