Tour of the Tranent Practice
Take a look at our Tranent Practice

Take a look around our extensive facilities in our architect designed premises.


After being welcomed to the practice there is plenty of room and separate areas for dog and cats as well as informative displays.









Consulting rooms

We have two well sized consulting rooms equipped with everything we need to examine your pets.


Preparation room

This is a large and very busy area of the practice where pets are anaesthetised and prepared prior to transfer to the operating theatre; minor ops and dental procedures are performed here.

As well as the professional staff expertise, extensive equipment is needed. Here vet’s dog Tippy has her teeth examined in front of our high-tech dental station.


Operating theatre

A dog is ready for surgery under the drapes. The anaesthetic is being carefully monitored by our head vet nurse. As well as the professional staff’s expertise we have available a wide range of surgical equipment for soft tissue surgery and orthopaedics, along with anaesthetic and monitoring equipment including pulse oximetry and capnography.


Radiography and Ultrasound

In addition to our xray unit with automatic developing we now have available diagnostic ultrasound facilities in our imaging suite. These advanced diagnostic imaging systems allow us to make diagnoses without recourse to invasive techniques.



We have a well stocked pharmacy so that we can supply you with medication for your pet without delay. The latest, best and safest flea and worm control products are always available.



Our modern laboratory allows us to run tests with results same day. We also have a courier service to a veterinary laboratory for the more advanced tests and back up.

Dog ward

We have a selection of large walk-in kennels and smaller kennels so that your dog is as comfortable as possible during his or her stay with us.


Cat ward

We have a separate cat ward so tyour cat is not disturbed by the sight and sound of dogs. We provide a variety of units so that your pet is as comfortable as possible.