Val Tear
Receptionist/Animal Care Asst.

staff-valAfter years of working in various environments in 2007 I decided to follow the career I’d always wanted – to work with animals. I joined Dunedin in 2007 and enjoy every aspect of my job. I like meeting the clients, both the two and the four legged varieties!! We’re very lucky with our clients and we have all built up wonderful bonds with both the people and the animals using the practice. I love going for walks at the weekend and bumping into clients outwith the work environment as the animals are often far more relaxed! It gives me a wonderful sense of achievement watching animals we have known since they were little grow and develop their own personalities.

I have 3 cats of my own, 2 OAPs and a mischievious teenager!! Having our own animals means that both myself and the rest of the staff can empathise with many of the decisions that have to be made by our clients for the welfare of their pets. it really is the most rewarding job I have ever had. Outside of work I enjoy relaxing with my family.