Margot Hunter

staff-margotVeterinary surgeon & partner in Dunedin Veterinary Surgeons.

Qualified from Glasgow University in 1986. Worked in mixed practice in England before coming to Tranent in 1995. I get a great deal of pleasure from being a veterinary surgeon. Over the years I have developed a few special interests, one of which is homeopathy. I am one of only three vets in Scotland to have obtained the VetMFHom qualification, after studying for 4 years on a distance learning course from Oxford.

I really love all aspects of my chosen profession, from challenging medical cases to delicate surgery. The greatest satisfaction comes from dealing with fascinating clients and their wonderful pets. This job can be a roller coaster of emotions, but to see a patient recover & the look of happiness from the owner makes everything worthwhile. I have 2 cats, both rescues, – vets do take their work home!